Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Mind Dump

Did everyone have a wonderful weekend? Good times were had here in Atlanta and the weather was awesome as well. I took the picture below on Saturday. It really was a gorgeous weekend. I love when the days are still a tad bit warm and the nights are cool and crisp....Fall baby!

Like I mentioned on Friday we spent most of our weekend at Music Midtown here in Atlanta. We saw some great shows, and the people watching was very entertaining. By the time the final band played on Saturday night there were over 50,000 people there! It was insanely packed. Let's just say I spent most of my Sunday by myself. I read through some of my many favorite blogs and also worked through a few more possible ideas for our guest bedroom. As a side note I wanted to let you all know about my new blogroll page. Just click on the page below my header and check out all of the blogs I read.....there are a lot! What can I say, I am addicted to reading blogs :) I actually read every word of every single blog on that list. I am behind most of the time, but I still read it all. Any I should add to my list?

This week is actually going to be a little more low key than last. Of course I have work all day, but we don't have anything going on after work. It will be nice to come home and relax. We also have our first day with our new house cleaners today (I am super excited about this!!). I hate cleaning and am really looking forward to coming home to a clean house....I have been told this is going to change my life...hehe. Anything to take one thing off my never ending list, and help me actually enjoy my free time.

I hope everyone has a great week ahead and enjoys their free time too!

Image: Me

Friday, September 21, 2012

Weekend WindDown

Haha. I just couldn't resist this picture. Is he not the cutest thing you have ever seen??? Our pup Wallace does this with his back legs and I just always love it. I can never get a picture of him though....he always moves when I reach for the camera.

Anyway, How did everyone fare this week? I hope none of you feel like that cute pup. It went fast for me because I was so busy. That's always a good thing I guess. I am ready for a weekend of fun! We have a big 2 day music festival here in town this weekend so we have plans to be there to hear some great bands. I'll probably be wiped out by the end so I guess the above image is all too fitting.

Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here next week!

Image: Unknown Via

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mixed Bag

I finally got somewhat caught up on my magazine reading this past weekend. I was quite behind and now I am re-energized on the inspiration front.

As I made my way through the September issue of Architectural Digest I stopped and took my time devouring every detail of the Long Island Estate renovated by Architect Oliver Cope and Interior Designer Steven Gambrel.

The house has a long history but was recently renovated with a new modern family in mind. The new design is a mixed bag of styles, decades, and patterns. All hold their own yet work so well together.

 I love the pattern play going on in this room. Its subtle yet still holds ground in this large space. Gambrel does a great job of mixing in modern pieces to make the space feel comfortable and not appear stuffy. The history of the house is retained while the new furnishings bring the space into the 21st century. The space feels so airy and bright.

 I love that they vaulted this ceiling and painted it black. It really helps the vintage pendants stand out. Again, the mixed patterns really give the space a modern and non-stuffy feel. Although this is a grand space I can still imagine relaxing and watching TV in this room.

 The original wallpaper was retained in this space and is gorgeous! They actually carefully removed the paper before the renovation began and then it was re-installed. Now that's what I call preservation! I can't even imagine the process let alone the cost. I also love the new trim color and how it frames the walls. And the mix of old and new in the furnishings just seals the deal for this space.

 The mix in this room is perfect. Glazed tile walls and floors, 1930's Deco pendants, Beaux Arts style clock, and new modern cabinetry, counters, and stools. Items from different styles and eras but they all work so well together.

 Again, well mixed patterns and styles. Gambrel really used pieces from all of the decades this house has been through. This space has punchy pattern and a chandelier that says 1950's all the way.

 It's hard to imagine this room is part of the same house. The neutral color scheme makes this a relaxing space but the punchy floral photographs ensure this room is not boring. Again, Gambrel is a master at mixing pattern and it all works so well within the neutral scheme.

Gorgeous know I love it.

What a gorgeous home. Brought to life for a new modern family yet still holding on to decades past. Go here to read more about the house, or check out the AD September issue for the full article.

Images: Architectural Digest

Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Mind Dump

What a weekend. It was pretty uneventful on our end except for an engagement party on Saturday night for some good friends. So excited for them! The party was at The Optimist which is a new restaurant here in Atlanta. The space is amazing and we definitely need to go back and eat there. We attempted that night but of course Saturday is the busiest night so we had no such luck till a 9:30 reservation....I was hungry so we just had to eat before that. We ended up hopping across the street instead, ate earlier, and I was in bed by 10....lame, I'm not too proud of that :)

I snapped a few photos of the Optimist while we were there before it got slam packed with people. The space has such a great industrial beachy vibe. Perfect for a seafood restaurant in the big city.....

 Oyster Bar
That ceiling is perfect for the was quite low but adding the planks made it a feature

Oyster Bar
I love the orange boat fabric for the seats, and that they retained the existing walls and floors

 This was a great way to add some architectural detail to the walls and provide light to the booths that surrounded the space. It helped visually break up all the white

 Lowered ceiling above the bar=focal point

 Such a great open space

Sorry these are not the best photos...quick shots with my phone to capture the space. They also have some great ones on their website as well as information on the design build stuff.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready for the week ahead. I've got a busy one so I'm gonna hop to it. Have a great week!

Images: Me

Friday, September 14, 2012

Weekend WindDown

Let's all get ready for the weekend.....

I hope you have a great one!

Image: Unknown

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Our House: Master Bedroom Progress

We have made some more recent progress on our Master Bedroom in the last couple of weeks. The new bed is in, new drapes are hung, and some final thoughts on what the bedding needs to be have been made (not purchased yet though).

I thought today would be a good day to show a quick progress shot, a slight before if you will. Before we kick it into high gear and finish this thing off. The bed is here and I wish I was smart enough to have taken a picture before it got here....I guess it was too depressing looking without it so I didn't. Just imagine nothing there if you really want a true before.

The bedding needs to obviously change since the bed is now grey. Way too much grey for me. I am thinking white bedding and pull in some grey and the other room colors through a pillow. It worked for me when we didn't have the grey bed though. I also need to purchase the nightstand for my side (see that little squat lamp..sad). I have one I love, I just can't pull the trigger on buying it. Another one of those "what if something better comes along" moments. I also have to hang some more pictures and a jewelry display DIY to complete for over my dresser. I have too much jewelry and it doesn't fit in my box anymore. It's a problem. Oh, and a bench for the end of the bed...maybe.

We are in the home stretch so I hope to get these remaining things done soon. It would be great if I can get it all done by the end of October. That's a little over a month and a half. I am going to will myself to do it.

How about you guys, any progress with your home projects? Having a good week so far?

Image: Me

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Perfect Grid Art Installation

I love a gallery wall and find myself drawn to many types. Random, All one color frame, all black and white, you name it I'll probably like it.

Lately I have been loving the structured look of a perfect grid installation. All the same size, type, and color frame installed in a perfect grid. Something about it just seems pulled together yet still makes a bold statement. Although it's a bit more technical on the hanging portion I think it's well worth it. Math smath.

I started to look at this type of installation for a possible wall in my guestroom and after all the amazing examples I found I want to do it even more. You'll have to wait to see what I end up doing. Don't worry though, not too long as I need to have that guest bedroom in tip top shape by November.

So what do you think? Love the perfect grid gallery wall? Maybe too restrained for you?

Images: Antonio Martins, House&Home, Domino Magazine, 4-11 Elle Decor, Better Homes & Gardens, Marisa Lafiosca, Lonny Magazine

Friday, September 7, 2012


Today I just wanted to say thanks to all of you that stop by this small blog of mine. Even through my spotty posting and random thoughts you guys still come around. This past weekend I looked over and saw that I had over 50 followers here. When did that happen, and where did you guys come from!? I can’t believe it and it’s truly humbling to see that people actually stop by and read.

When I first started this blog I didn't think anyone would read. I know everyone says that, but it’s true. And I can’t even say that only my Mom read in the beginning. Because she didn't and still doesn’t (at least that I know of). My fault though because I’m never one to tell people to go read my blog…haha. I can’t even tell my mom to read my blog J

The whole world of blogging is so strange to me. I love it though. I’m not really an outgoing person if I don’t know someone so meeting people is not really my strong suit. But those who do really know me know that I’m crazy and fun (at least I hope). This whole thing about putting yourself out there and meeting people online is a foreign concept in my mind at all times. I have met some great people so far and hope to meet even more. It’s just weird to meet people and maybe not really meet them(?). Maybe I should post a small video of myself so you can really meet me. I’ve been told that I’m really animated and my hand movements are one of my best characteristics. Hmmm, but it may take me awhile to sum up the guts to do that! Not to mention how do you even post a video?

Anyway, as I ramble on, really and truly thanks with all my heart. It really makes my day when I see that people have been looking at my blog and sometimes even leave nice comments (which I know I need to get better at replying to)! It really keeps me going more than you can possibly know. And I promise to make more of an effort to “meet” all of you and get to know you better as well.

To get us started tell me something about you….I don’t biteJ. Where are you? What do you do? Are you as obsessed with design as I am? Anything you want to know about me?

And, if I didn’t get my point across above, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Going With The Grain

I have been noticing lots of interiors that are utilizing gorgeous slabs of stone.  Stone that has amazing graining that creates the most spectacular spaces!

Gorgeous full slabs or large scale pieces. Some are simple and some are exotic, but all are nothing short of stunning.

What do you think? Could you ever use one of these stunning slabs????

Images: Agushi/TW DesignJuan Montoya Design, Steven Gambrel, W Design, DKOR Interiors, Elle Decor (6-12), Metropolitan Home (13-14), Elle Decor (15-16), Kelley Wearstler (17-18)

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