Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Double Up - Back to Back Sofas

One of the most effective ways to deal with a large room is to break the space up into individual conversation areas. This helps to solve the dreaded put all the furniture against the walls and create a dance floor syndrome. Not that this is a problem if you are having a dance party at your house, but I wouldn't suggest this layout for everyday life. Instead, why don't you look at breaking the space up using your furniture. One great way to achieve this is to place two sofas back to back.

This automatically creates two seating areas and then even more can branch from there (if you have the space that is). Two sofas also gives a nice grounding element to the room and prevents the layout from appearing all over the place. In my opinion its a winning look for a larger room.

What do you think? Winning layout, or too divided up for you?

Images: Bunny Williams, 2-6 Elle Decor, Betsy Burnham, Tilton Fenwick, House Beautiful, Windsor Smith, Brenner Builders/Haynes Roberts Inc.

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