Friday, October 12, 2012

And We're Off

Yeah!!! I am officially on vacation people and I can't even tell you how much we need this right now. This is the last time we wait till towards the end of the year to do anything...I can't wait this long to have time off and relax. Whew so glad it's here.

Eat, drink, sleep, take in the sites...that is the plan. The only plan! I am so excited to let loose, leave work behind, and unplug. I do have a few "California Style" posts set up for next week so stick around....we can all be in California even if it's just vicariously (unless you're lucky enough to already be there). I'll also be updating through Instagram and Twitter so follow me at lissapierce and @lissapierce respectively  I'm sure I will be taking tons of photos. That's it.

So have a great week and I'll see you back here in a few. See Ya!

Image: Ten Dollar Fonts

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