Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday Mind Dump

Did everyone have a wonderful weekend? Good times were had here in Atlanta and the weather was awesome as well. I took the picture below on Saturday. It really was a gorgeous weekend. I love when the days are still a tad bit warm and the nights are cool and crisp....Fall baby!

Like I mentioned on Friday we spent most of our weekend at Music Midtown here in Atlanta. We saw some great shows, and the people watching was very entertaining. By the time the final band played on Saturday night there were over 50,000 people there! It was insanely packed. Let's just say I spent most of my Sunday by myself. I read through some of my many favorite blogs and also worked through a few more possible ideas for our guest bedroom. As a side note I wanted to let you all know about my new blogroll page. Just click on the page below my header and check out all of the blogs I read.....there are a lot! What can I say, I am addicted to reading blogs :) I actually read every word of every single blog on that list. I am behind most of the time, but I still read it all. Any I should add to my list?

This week is actually going to be a little more low key than last. Of course I have work all day, but we don't have anything going on after work. It will be nice to come home and relax. We also have our first day with our new house cleaners today (I am super excited about this!!). I hate cleaning and am really looking forward to coming home to a clean house....I have been told this is going to change my life...hehe. Anything to take one thing off my never ending list, and help me actually enjoy my free time.

I hope everyone has a great week ahead and enjoys their free time too!

Image: Me

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