Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Mind Dump

What a weekend. It was pretty uneventful on our end except for an engagement party on Saturday night for some good friends. So excited for them! The party was at The Optimist which is a new restaurant here in Atlanta. The space is amazing and we definitely need to go back and eat there. We attempted that night but of course Saturday is the busiest night so we had no such luck till a 9:30 reservation....I was hungry so we just had to eat before that. We ended up hopping across the street instead, ate earlier, and I was in bed by 10....lame, I'm not too proud of that :)

I snapped a few photos of the Optimist while we were there before it got slam packed with people. The space has such a great industrial beachy vibe. Perfect for a seafood restaurant in the big city.....

 Oyster Bar
That ceiling is perfect for the was quite low but adding the planks made it a feature

Oyster Bar
I love the orange boat fabric for the seats, and that they retained the existing walls and floors

 This was a great way to add some architectural detail to the walls and provide light to the booths that surrounded the space. It helped visually break up all the white

 Lowered ceiling above the bar=focal point

 Such a great open space

Sorry these are not the best photos...quick shots with my phone to capture the space. They also have some great ones on their website as well as information on the design build stuff.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready for the week ahead. I've got a busy one so I'm gonna hop to it. Have a great week!

Images: Me
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