Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mixed Bag

I finally got somewhat caught up on my magazine reading this past weekend. I was quite behind and now I am re-energized on the inspiration front.

As I made my way through the September issue of Architectural Digest I stopped and took my time devouring every detail of the Long Island Estate renovated by Architect Oliver Cope and Interior Designer Steven Gambrel.

The house has a long history but was recently renovated with a new modern family in mind. The new design is a mixed bag of styles, decades, and patterns. All hold their own yet work so well together.

 I love the pattern play going on in this room. Its subtle yet still holds ground in this large space. Gambrel does a great job of mixing in modern pieces to make the space feel comfortable and not appear stuffy. The history of the house is retained while the new furnishings bring the space into the 21st century. The space feels so airy and bright.

 I love that they vaulted this ceiling and painted it black. It really helps the vintage pendants stand out. Again, the mixed patterns really give the space a modern and non-stuffy feel. Although this is a grand space I can still imagine relaxing and watching TV in this room.

 The original wallpaper was retained in this space and is gorgeous! They actually carefully removed the paper before the renovation began and then it was re-installed. Now that's what I call preservation! I can't even imagine the process let alone the cost. I also love the new trim color and how it frames the walls. And the mix of old and new in the furnishings just seals the deal for this space.

 The mix in this room is perfect. Glazed tile walls and floors, 1930's Deco pendants, Beaux Arts style clock, and new modern cabinetry, counters, and stools. Items from different styles and eras but they all work so well together.

 Again, well mixed patterns and styles. Gambrel really used pieces from all of the decades this house has been through. This space has punchy pattern and a chandelier that says 1950's all the way.

 It's hard to imagine this room is part of the same house. The neutral color scheme makes this a relaxing space but the punchy floral photographs ensure this room is not boring. Again, Gambrel is a master at mixing pattern and it all works so well within the neutral scheme.

Gorgeous stone....you know I love it.

What a gorgeous home. Brought to life for a new modern family yet still holding on to decades past. Go here to read more about the house, or check out the AD September issue for the full article.

Images: Architectural Digest

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