Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekend of Recovery

I had a weekend of recovery. I have been sidelined by a head cold that started Thursday night and has kept me down for the better part of the weekend. It's okay though, I listened to what my body was saying and slept pretty much the entire time.

I have a busy week ahead at work as well as prep for tons of family and friends coming into town for my cousins wedding this coming Saturday. People will be staying at my house as well as other relatives stopping by to take a peak. I knew that I would never survive this coming week if I didn't slow down and let my body do the talking. So sleep I did.

Other than going and (finally!) buying a car on Saturday as well as an early dinner with friends I was asleep or resting and reading. And the hubby was awesome and cleaned the house on Sunday while I was in and out of naps.....he's the best. That helped us get a head start on this crazy week.

I am somewhat ready for the week. I plan on getting a good nights rest each night to make sure I end the cold fast as well as drink tons of water. Hopefully I will be free and clear tomorrow or Wednesday!

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