Monday, August 27, 2012

Last Days Of Summer

Sorry I've been absent for the past couple of weeks. Things have been a whirlwind at work so any free time that I do have has been spent in recovery de-stress mode. Otherwise known as not plugged into a computer, phone, or anything electronic. All in all I've been spending time with friends, family, and generally just enjoying these last days of summer.

To me labor day marks the end of summer and the start of fall. I guess this stems from growing up and having school start the day after labor day. It's a transition to the new season and everyone getting things going again. So, to relish these last few days I'll keep myself unplugged till after labor day next Monday. I'm gonna take this week and get my ducks in a row like I would have when I was still in school. And of course enjoy the days as much as I can.

I hope you do the same. Be back next week with design stuff. Have a great one!

Image: Unknown(TBD)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekend of Recovery

I had a weekend of recovery. I have been sidelined by a head cold that started Thursday night and has kept me down for the better part of the weekend. It's okay though, I listened to what my body was saying and slept pretty much the entire time.

I have a busy week ahead at work as well as prep for tons of family and friends coming into town for my cousins wedding this coming Saturday. People will be staying at my house as well as other relatives stopping by to take a peak. I knew that I would never survive this coming week if I didn't slow down and let my body do the talking. So sleep I did.

Other than going and (finally!) buying a car on Saturday as well as an early dinner with friends I was asleep or resting and reading. And the hubby was awesome and cleaned the house on Sunday while I was in and out of naps.....he's the best. That helped us get a head start on this crazy week.

I am somewhat ready for the week. I plan on getting a good nights rest each night to make sure I end the cold fast as well as drink tons of water. Hopefully I will be free and clear tomorrow or Wednesday!

Images: Unknown (TBD), Unknown (TBD) - if anyone knows the real source please let me know

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Our House: Back Deck

So I finally got our back deck spruced up. I the end of the summer! But really that's okay because it's been way to hot to be out there anyway.

The hold-up was the plants. I had to get some more planted in the empty pots and then other ones just kept dying on me. The heat was just too much to keep up with the watering. This past weekend I finally cleaned out the dead stuff and re-planted. I even had to replace my gardenia in the corner that I have had for years. It didn't make it....and was too leggy anyway. I was planning to trim in back but the heat got it before I could.


The rest of the spruce up was a new rug and some pillows. I went with a grey and yellow color scheme. Some of the pillows also pick up the beige color of the cushions. We already had the furniture and even though the cushions are not the best looking they had to stay. I didn't have it in the budget to get them reupholstered and since we aren't staying here forever I held off. Someday I'll get them redone because the frames are metal and still in great shape. Until then, a few throw pillows added some life to this dull deck.


Much better. Better Late than never right? 
Just that little splash of color really helps make it look a whole lot more inviting. We haven't spent too much time out there quite yet. It's still too hot for the better part of the day, but Fall is coming soon and that's when it will get used. When the air is nice and crisp here. I can just see myself reading blogs out there with a glass of wine...or coffee if it's too early for wine.

Anyone else make any outdoor changes lately to enjoy for the end of summer and fall?

I did this on a budget so sources are well known. Though most of these items are probably no longer available....or they're on sale! 
Rug: Home Decorators, Martha Stewart
Yellow Pillows: World Market
Stripe and Damask Pillows: Target
Small White Planter on Coffee Table: Target
Blue Planter: Home Goods
Large Planters: Mom hand-me-downs
Seating and Coffee Table: Walmart 4 years ago (yeah I hate Walmart...but it was a great deal)

Images: Me

Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Fog / Just Do It Progress

It's a foggy rainy day here in Atlanta. I'm not complaining because I finally got all of my pots planted on our back deck and front stoop. No more dead. This day of rain is great for my newly planted flowers. I have also been a bit foggy in the head lately so I apologize for disappearing last week. We are all busy right?

Besides planting yesterday, I was able to get some other things done around the house that have been on my to do list. Just moving some things around, hanging art, and dropping fabrics off at the workroom. Progress is happening and I hope to have some pictures posted soon of some complete and semi-complete spaces. Yeah!!!

I have also made some progress on my super long list of Just Do It items. All the things I've said I would do but never have. This week alone, I will be going to the dermatologist to get a skin cancer screening (boring but extremely necessary), starting Pilates, and getting my business license changes all sorted out. Nothing too crazy, but they've been on my list.

I have been working on actually putting together a plan for each week and what I need to accomplish to move forward. It's been nice to check things off my list as well as see the progress in certain areas. All the little things have been adding up. I just have to remind myself that taking steps will get me there. Unfortunately I am one of those people that will look at a project and if I can't get it done right then, then it freaks me out and I don't start. I hope I can keep the momentum going and really get some things done. Other than that I have been working and spending time with my husband and friends.

I hope you all have a great week ahead, get to complete all that's on your list, and do something just for yourself as well.

Image: GregOry via Pinterest
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