Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Upgrade: Leather Sofas

If you happen to have one of these.....

And you just have to have leather. Please do me a favor and switch it out for something more like this.....

Thanks so much.

This is the number one thing guys can do to keep the leather they love and update the look. The pillow arm, double cushion back is no longer hot gentlemen. Get thee to a store fast and make the switch. You will thank me later. There are way to many good options out there to keep what you have. I mean, all of the good options above are from Crate & Barrel and the price points are quite reasonable for leather. For those intimidated by design, you can't get much easier than Crate & Barrel.

And if you are really feeling ambitious.....go for this!...even better if you find a great vintage one.

The epitome of a classic leather sofa. Manly yet still polished.

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