Thursday, July 26, 2012

Our House: Itty Bitty Progress Peek

I have been working on little things around the house the past couple of weeks. Here are a few peeks via some i-phone pics I took.

We got the living room shelves back together and I tweaked a few things....not too much though. And I move things around a lot. I can't help myself sometimes.

Added this colorful piece of art to the gallery wall. Remember this post? I bought one and I love the color. The yellow piece below that is one I am working on. I take it off the wall every once in awhile and add to it. I just keep layering. Then I'll stop when I like it I guess.

Cleaned up and organized this little vignette by the stove. That yellow platter I already had and I love the color it adds to the otherwise neutral kitchen.

Moved this mirror over from the other dresser in the master bedroom. I love the mix of stained wood, grey, and white. We also are finally having the drapes made for this room, and the bed will be here tomorrow! Glad to be making progress somewhere!

Just some little things but all together is a nice bit of progress. I have some bigger projects I need to get working on soon...just need to find and devote some time.

I do love that even when you do the small things it all starts to come together. Bits and pieces and then one day you look at it and are like.....aha, this is starting to look good! Of course we all know it's a constant project. How about you? Have you made little bits of progress on your spaces? Any big changes?

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