Monday, July 23, 2012

California Dreaming

My mind has been on California for the past couple of weeks and when I get my mind on something, it takes over. Hence my lack of posts last week....I wasn't thinking about design.

We are in the process of planning a "little" road trip in CA for this coming October. I know, months away, but like I said...on my mind. The most my husband and I have been in CA is a layover in LAX and then I have been to LA and South down to San Diego. I am excited to see all of the places we have never been!
We have our itinerary worked out, hotels booked, and an overall general knowledge of what we want to do in each place. Past that, I am starting to dive into the details. I am a planner, and even though we don't plan our trips to death, I still like to know what our options are.

Planning lets you know what to expect. We always book hotels and some tours or things that may be booked when we get there (Alcatraz in SF). My husband is also a major foodie, so we sometimes book restaurants in advance as the heart attack I will have in mid August when we try to book the French Laundry (long shot I know, but it never hurts to try..Ha ha). And don't worry I have researched that to death. Otherwise we go by what we feel like when we get there. Our general rule of thumb is that if it's something we really want to do, we book it and then plan around that.

So, that's where you come in. Anyone have any tips or off the beaten path things that we just cannot miss? 
Our Itinerary is as follows:

  • Day 1) Land LAX early am - drive up towards San Luis Obispo and stay night there (full day with no plans). Right now we are thinking drive up 101 through Santa Barbara etc. and stopping when we feel like it but maybe we should get there faster and spend time at wineries in/around Paso Robles?
  • Day 2) Wake up in San Luis Obispo and start drive up through Big Sur to Monterey/Carmel. I think I have this part figured out but is there anything not well known that's a must see?
  • Day 3) Monterey/Carmel - Guys of course are playing golf so the ladies will just be meandering, site seeing etc. Any must not miss here? 
  • Day 4) Drive out to Yosemite - Get there mid Day. This is pretty easy too but any tips on something you may have done that you will never forget? Views you will never forget?
  • Day 5) Yosemite all day
  • Day 6) Drive to Napa - We will most likely get there mid day so will have the afternoon and evening.
  • Day 7) Napa all day
  • Day 8) Drive to San Fran - Visit friends in Berkley and stay with them that night.
  • Day 9) Head into San Fran - full day and stay in town
  • Day 10) San Fran all day- Taking red eye out back to Atlanta

Any info would be greatly appreciated! I'll still have California on my mind until we fly out there. Hope you all have a great week.

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