Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Upgrade: Flush Mount Fixtures

If you have one of these....

And you must stay with a surface mount. Please do me a huge favor and switch it out for something more like this.....

Thanks so much.

I always have people ask me for advice when I am at their home, and they find out I'm a designer. I try not to give away too much since it's usually off the cuff and not a full design consultation, but one of my main pieces of advice is to change out the horrible builder grade "boob" fixtures if they have them. Mostly they are always in hallways or smaller entryways where a surface mount fixture is the only option (If it's hanging in the middle of their living room it's a different conversation). But just changing out this one little thing always adds so much....especially to a hallway or small entry.

Images: Home Depot, All remaining - Shades of Light

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