Thursday, June 7, 2012

Our House: In Flux

As I write this I am sitting on a sofa in a hotel room with Wallace the wonder pup sleeping like a rock next to me. We have been kicked out of the house so that they can (FINALLY!) fix the damage made during the flood we had in January.

They are replacing a portion of the hardwood floors on the main level, replacing drywall, carpet, and painting the office downstairs. I am excited to get that space back and get the office set up. I am also really excited that we get the storage back down there! It's been crazy the past couple of months and I felt like we had stuff everywhere. Now, we need to get really organized and make sure all of our keepsakes and papers are kept safe (from water). Just in case.

So, that leaves us in flux this week. Above is a picture of our dining room where I had to move everything from the living room so they could work in there. Most of these items came from the bookshelves behind the sofa. It's amazing how book shelves will just eat so many things....that's a ton of stuff. I had no idea they had that much stuff on them.

I also may not put all of it back. One thing my husband commented on when we had everything cleared out is that it felt better in there. He feels that it was too cluttered. He may be right, and we may pare down the bookshelves a bit to make them appear less cluttered. That's a project for sure.

Until then, we are still in flux and won't be back in till the weekend. Looking forward to that and getting our place put back together. Have a great rest of the week!

Image: Me
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