Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Mind Dump

How was everyone's weekend? Good I hope. Here in Atlanta we had amazing weather and it was actually nice and cool outside. It was a nice change from some of the hotter days we have been having recently. We took slight advantage and went on a little walk yesterday with Wallace to get some fresh air. Other than that we were inside prepping for the crazy week ahead...more on that later in the week.

On Saturday I went on a hunt through a couple of stores to find some things to spruce up our back deck. I only wished I had done that sooner so we could have just enjoyed the deck this weekend. Oh well. I will have it ready for when the in-laws come in two weeks. Nothing too major, but I did find a great rug and some pillows to add something to the dullness that's there. Hopefully I can have that set up for this coming weekend, but as of now its all just piled in the dining room waiting....

....and I got a great deal on some euro pillows at home goods(not going on the deck). Score.

While I was running around on Saturday I stopped by my aunt's house to pick up some things I had left there during our last visit. She has the most amazing hydrangea bushes all around her house and practically forced me to take some cuttings. She says she sends cuttings home with everyone who stops by because there are so many. I was more than happy to oblige....I mean who can pass up free flowers! And gorgeous ones at that....

.....I might just have to stop back by this weekend too!

And speaking of plants and other living things, I have some good news about my fiddle leaf fig tree. It's sprouted new leaves at the top! Yeah!!!! That means it's not giving up and starting to like the spot it's in. Hopefully it will keep happy and continue to sprout even more. Fingers crossed! 
There are still some brown spots on the older leaves and it drops a leaf every once and awhile, but when I saw the new growth I was soooo relieved. 

We have also been out to dinner the past two weeks to a couple of great places in Atlanta. Back to 246 in Decatur where I had to have the carbonara again...and lots of great wine.
Then, this past Friday night we ate at Cardamom Hill on the west side. It's coastal Indian cuisine and soooo amazingly good. We went with some other couples, ordered one of everything on the menu, and did everything family style. Everything was so good but if you are ever in the area and happen to go you must get the fried chicken or seafood curry....just trust me on this one. Oh, and the cocktails were amazing too. Sorry I forgot to take pictures there!

 good good wine at 246
amazing carbonara

Well, we are in for a crazy week around here. It's going to be a busy one and hopefully we can make it to the other end in one piece. Hope you all have a great one as well!!

Images: Me via my iPhone

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