Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Mind Dump

How is everyone? I hope everyone has had a great couple of weeks. Thanks for dealing with my pause and the lack of content here on the blog. Hopefully as I put some plans into action these pauses will be few and far between, if at all.

I have had a crazy past couple of weeks and see myself just getting more and more inundated with "things to do". Now, all of them aren't bad, like blogging, reading blogs, enjoying my favorite TV shows, or having dinner with friends. But, then there's keeping the house clean, making sure we have a plan for dinner and something to make, the workday, paying bills, etc. And I also have the help of my husband to do these things. These days it just feels like there is a constant stream of "things to do" and I am having trouble keeping up. I also know I am not alone, so don't take this post as a whoa is me cry for pity. Just see it as a mind dump, and getting it all out of my head helps in the biggest way possible.

I have always known that the best way to handle all of this "stuff" is to establish routines, and habits. The things I have established routines and habits for seem to go by smoothly with little thought or stress. Even when other things start piling up it always seems that these things are now habit and just happen. They are just what I do because they are ingrained in my thoughts and the everyday with little thought or even effort on my part. Unfortunately I don't have everything set as routine. So, that leaves stress levels skyrocketing when I have more "stuff" thrown in.

Now, as part of my 2012 "just do it", I am going to start more routines and form more habits so that I have more and more tasks that I just do without a thought or great effort. I start today with a very detailed morning and evening routine to get me started. I am starting detailed because I always find that I do get into the habit of things and then they relax a bit, but still accomplish the same thing. I am hoping that when it becomes a habit, then I really don't have to even think about it either. It will just be done. Detailed or relaxed, at that point when it becomes a habit, it won't really matter. Bottom line is it will save me more time and thought in the long run.

Some may hate the way this have everything in your day laid out and routine. For me, this is the best plan at this time so I can get back control of my head and all that is in it. Even as I look at what I have proposed for myself I shudder to think of the full automation of my day. I just feel that for me, starting with extremes will help me form the habit and then wane to a more relaxed approach. Like if you went to a exercise boot camp and put forth extreme effort during that, and then staying on top of the program yourself after it was over. You will have formed habits but maybe not to such an extreme as the boot camp (does that make sense?).

So, I take it that if you are in fact still reading that you either have the same problem as me, or that you are just interested in the subject. I am not posting my routine here today because I would like to try it out first and see how it goes. Although, if you are truly interested feel free to shoot me an email at SpearsL7{at}gmail{dot}com and I would be happy to send you my fancy spread sheet outlining my plan.

Does anyone have any routines that they have already established that are working for them? I would love to hear about them, and also get some motivation for my own. Do tell, I need all the motivation I can get!

Here is to a great week...and establishing routines!

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