Monday, May 14, 2012

I Break for Inspiration

My apologies for the extended break and I also have to confess that I will probably take this week as well. It's been busy and we all know how that goes. Don't worry though there has been a little bit of fun in there too, just not any time to devote to design and the blog. I did however take a few moments yesterday to get lost in Pinterest for a bit, and found a few things that caught my eye.......

Everyone needs a break for inspiration when the everyday is lacking in that very subject. I love Pinterest for that especially cause you can easily get your fix in a short amount of time. Blogs, magazines, and other forms of inspiration take me awhile and I usually like to devote more time to those.....but Pinterest is a nice quick and easy escape.

I could ask everyone the redundant question if they loved Pinterest.....but I already know you do! So, join me over HERE....and escape.
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