Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Color Forecast, Part 8

Apologies for skipping out the past couple of days. Time was spent enjoying the long weekend and then I got slammed by some stomach bug that knocked me around the block. I am still recovering....

But anyway now we move on to color! And the last installment of the 2013 color forecast. I know some of you may be thinking that 2013 seems light years away, but trust me when I tell you, these forcasted colors will start to make an appearance and vendors and manufacturers try to get the jump on the next big thing.

So, last but not least is Neutrals #2....

This family of neutrals is all about the plush, romantic, sepia-influenced hue.

The overall pallet will split in two and you will see them used in a very modern and spare look as well as a traditional and lush look.
Blue cast greys are the new accent to dark wood and the white bed. And 30’s-inspired smoky speakeasy darks illustrate the shadowy side of life.

To me this one seems to be all over the place but I love the toned down grayed out look of the whole color pallet. All of it is moody even if shown stark or ornate. Also, the contrast is an important element as well as we will be moving away from one note tones to a more sharp visual appearance.

I like it, now all we do is wait and see how it will translate. 
Well, that's all folks. I hope you have liked this peek into the future of color. I for one can't wait to see some of these hues come to fruition. Should be a really pretty 2013/2014. 

Remember, if you missed all the other parts, you can start back from the beginning and catch the other links as well HERE

Images: Nordstrom Designer Collections, Nancy Braithwaite/Veranda, House Beautiful, World of Interiors, Vogue

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