Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Color Forecast, Part 7

Red, the color of fire, lust, and passion. What a heavy color with so much on its shoulders.

In the future, true red will show up Eastern-influenced or as an accent only. 
Slick Lacquer continues for Asia and is shown as a high impact red. The accented red will also be high impact and stand out in neutral interiors. This red will remain more heavy on the orange and be tomato in color with very little to no purple.

However, wine-influenced shades will also move into the mainstream. Merlot/Pinot/Cabernet, and the like will be seen in clothing as well as interiors and will provide a subtle more moody take on red. 

The newest reds are sprayed with grey or brown mist, matte and complex. They will be muted and calm and provide a more upscale look and feel.

So, looks like red is all over the place to me. Bright and high impact. Dark and Moody. Muted and dusty. What do you think? Do we like the look of red for 2013???

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Images: Vogue, Veranda, Unknown, Bottega Veneta, Unknown, Intersection Magazine
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