Thursday, April 12, 2012

Our House: Dining Room Progress

So, not a lot of progress has occurred at the house recently. My list still remains as it was before without really anything crossed off. The flood repairs have us in limbo as the owners and association fight it out. Hopefully they will come to an agreement soon so we can get our lives pulled back together. They will be completely replacing all the hardwood floors on the main level (hopefully they will ask my opinion on color:)), and we have stuff all over the place that has been displaced from the now down-to-the-studs office.

I did however get the dining room cleaned up and took some pictures. The day before I took these I had all my china, papers, computer, and a bunch of other stuff all over the place. Seeing the table top is a relief.

This space has a long way to go and is the only one I don't have a vision for at the moment. Just a couple of days ago my sister walked in and said I needed more color in here. I agree, but I just don't know how I want to do that yet. Its amazing how the same stuff looks completely different in a different house. Our other house had all the great mouldings that kept the space from looking so boring. One thing this room has going for it is that it gets the best light in the house. I have actually liked using it as my office in limbo.

I'll come up with something at some point, and there are already a bunch of little tweaks I need to make with what is there. Like the pendant. I wish I had already changed that out. It kills me every time I walk by. And that buffet I have been meaning to finish painting for years now.

Until then, this is the before!

Images: Me
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