Friday, April 27, 2012

Moody Eats: 246 Decatur

Last week the hubs and I went out to a restaurant we have had on our list for awhile. It has been open for almost a year and we kept asking ourselves why we waited so long!

246 in Decatur was amazing both in the food and design. The best Italian we have had since we were in Italy! Everything we ordered was polished off cause we couldn't stop eating the amazing food! And the atmosphere was perfect. Moody.....the perfect date spot in my opinion.

Between the amazing airy space, perfect moody light level, and the industrial style fixtures, I couldn't keep my eyes still. Exposed brick, antique mirror, rustic wood, metal. I enjoyed the whole atmosphere. 

I love when you happen upon an amazing interior space just through everyday living. 

Images: Me
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