Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Color Forecast, Part 5

Halfway done with the 2013 color forecast. If you have missed any of the posts on the colors before you can start from the beginning HERE. I also explain where this information came from. Feel free to catch up and come back.

This week, it's on to Yellow:

The forecast for yellows is that they will be beautiful and soft. Electric and citron will take a back seat to Creamy Banana, Lemon Chiffon, Tea Stain and Milanese Yellow.
Copper accents will also be used with yellow to ground the pallet. Naturals like Wheat and Straw manifest an organic counterpart but still retain the buttery hue.

I like where yellow is headed. This much more luxurious take on the color is soothing yet still cheery. I will still always love the citron lemony punch that bright yellow brings, but a toned down version of the hue will be wonderful and romantic.

What do you think?

Next Comes Blue, so come back next week!

Images: DayRaoul Textiles, Unknown, Lars Sjoberg via Maison de Campagne Magazine, World of Interiors, Max Studio

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