Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Mind Dump

#1 This kitchen! Everything about is it perfect. All the fabulous details.....all executed in perfect harmony. Dream space for sure.

#1 A little blog business. I was trying out Comment Luv on the blog a couple of weeks ago with not so great results. Some of you posted comments that never appeared. They are lost and gone. To keep a long story short, I have switched back to the standard blogger commenting.....much easier and comments won't be disappearing into thin air. Maybe someday when I can figure out what was going wrong I'll give comment luv another try. Maybe. Anyone install this on blogger and have it work??

#2 Wise words that I definitely forget

#4 Just like everyone else I am dreaming of spring and spending time outdoors. The temps here in Atlanta have been wonderful and way too much of a tease!

#5 I have noticed more and more that blogger's apologize for showing incomplete spaces, small details that aren't finished, or even just a quick snapshot taken with their phone. I have been guilty of this also and have decided that in the future progress is just that and no explanation is needed except for the word progress. Have we really all become so critical of what we see online to warrant fear of posting photos sans disclaimers? Design is a process after all.

#6 I am at a frustrating point with what to do next in our house. I had wanted to continue making headway on the living room but that has been put on hold till we figure out what is happening with the hardwoods in there. They need to be replaced because of the flood two months ago but we are in limo as insurance and the HOA fight it out. I don't want to get things and then have to move them out and back in again.....lazy I know. So, now I've switched gears and will redirect my thoughts towards the bedrooms upstairs.....where the flood didn't touch. Here is one of my many images for master bedroom inspiration:

#7 Did everyone remember to spring ahead this past weekend? I miss that hour already :)

Hope everyone has a great week!

Images: Traditional Home, Comment Luv (modified), Unknown, Architectural Digest, Unknown, Brian WatfordAlice Lucchin
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