Thursday, March 15, 2012

Making The Bed

With the master bedroom now on my mind I have been looking at bedding and ways to get our bed looking great. However, there are so many options, pillows, and ways to set up a bed that it seems you could look forever.

Just positioning the pillows alone gives you a myriad of options.....

 Pillows, Large Lumbar, Pulled Duvet, and Throw

 Euro Sham, Sham, Pillow, Bolster, and slight fold duvet

 Sham, Sham, Sham.....shamshamshamsham......whoa, Sheet folded over Duvet

 Stacked Pillows, Folded Duvet

 Bolster at Back, Pillow, Pillow, Blanket

 Pillow, Euro Sham, Coverlet

 Stacked Pillows, Accent Pillow, Coverlet, Folded Duvet

 Euro Sham, Pillow, Decorative Pillow, Slight fold Duvet, and Blanket

 Sham, Sham, Bolster, Slight fold Duvet

 Pillow (assumed), Euro Sham, Decorative Pillow, Decorative Pillow, Coverlet, Folded Duvet


See what I mean.....where do you even start? I have some ideas of what we want but there are just so many options.

Which is your favorite? How do you have your bed made?

Images: Lonny Magazine
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