Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Color Forecast, Part 2

In case you missed it last week, I am posting a series (a mini series) about the color forecast for 2013. You can read more about the presentation I was at and where the information is coming from in Part 1.

Last week we looked at the 1st set of neutrals. I have been looking and I think the forecast will be true. I think we are even starting to see a warmer trend on neutrals now. It's not just about what you see but what will also be trending in fashion, decor fabrics, and accessories. It's what will be seen because it's what manufactures and designers will put out to be seen.

This week it's on to Green.......

The forecast for greens is really everything goes! Peacock and Teal will still be used and expand their influence even further, but muted greens such as olive, moss, and spruce will be heavily used as well. We see electric and bright greens fade from the forefront and pale mineral shades emerge to the top instead. The pale shades will also be used with unexpected accents like ruby and Cabernet.

How about green. Are you seeing things start to trend this way yet? I have to say green is my favorite color. I love the teal and peacock greens and am glad to see they might be sticking around. I am however sad that my fave bright chartreuse is not going to be as popular. Oh well, I will still love and use it.

Next Up: Orange

Images: House Beautiful, Elle, Unknown, Architectural Digest, Mary Howard Studio for Vera Wang, Architectural Digest, Unknown

Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Mind Dump

Hope everyone had a great weekend! A concert, shopping, basketball, and a friends bridal shower kept us pretty busy.

#1 I have jumped on the colored jeans bandwagon and bought a coral pair on Saturday. I haven't had a chance to wear them yet, but these pics sure give me good ideas on how to! Looks like my love of stripes will continue as well....

#2 I am completely into business blogs right now and how to better run a business. Here are two that I have been diving into this week:

New...but excited to see what she posts.....Business With Intention

Also kinda new, but great information so far!......Amanda Genther

Anyone else know of any good ones that I must be reading!

#3 Wallace is now big enough to jump up on furniture by himself. I often enter the room to find this....

I guess he likes the sofa more than his bed. He sure is turning into a regular snuggle buddy.

Here is to a nice productive week. I have lots to do but not enough to send me over the deep end. Hope everyone has a great one!

Images: The Budget BabeAshley Madekwe-Ring My Bell, Me

Friday, March 23, 2012

An Ode To Pollen

I don't know about you all but here in Atlanta we are covered in a nice thick blanket of pollen. It's a light yellow wonderland that wreaks havoc on allergies, car washes, and everything else outside.

Don't sit down outside before wiping the spot off first. Run your wipers so you can see out the windshield. Beat outdoor cushions...but make sure you shut your eyes when you do it.

Pollen is a fact of life here in the south and what better way to acknowledge spring and its unwanted friend than looking at beautiful interiors that look like they have received a blanket of pollen as well.

Pollen came early this year and hopefully will be gone again before we know it.....so we can truly enjoy some time outside.

So, are you surviving the pollen blanket so far? Or are you lucky enough to be outside of the pollen zone?

Images: Elle Decor

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Small Projects

I have been working on a few small projects around the house these last couple of weeks. Slowly but surely I have been making progress and getting us organized.

Entry Shelves


These shelves sit at the top of the front entry steps and as you can see from the before picture are a major dumping ground coming in the door. We cleaned up and put an in/out system in place for the two baskets as well as hung the mirror. Much better and a nice change for one of the 1st things you see when coming in.

Kitchen Cabinet


This is the larger kitchen cabinet that we use to store pots, pans, and baking dishes. Nothing too crazy here but that one pan rack up top just helped a lot with accessing baking sheets and cutting boards without all of them falling over every...single...time. I still need to find a solution for all of the tops but at this point just cleaning it up a bit has helped my sanity.

Linen Closet


This is another space where we just did a little re-org and clean up. Before we just kinda threw things in there and there were items that were just placed in there when we moved in. And I didn't even know one of the shelves was crooked. Now, everything in there belongs and is in much better order. It makes it easier to know where everything goes and put it back in its rightful place.


Nothing like a little progress to keep you motivated. Even if it's just a few small things, it all adds up to the final goal. Still tons more to do but these few small changes have really helped tremendously so far!!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week! Anyone have any small projects they have completed around the house recently?

Images: Me

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Color Forecast, Part 1

Last week I had the pleasure of sitting in on a color forecast presentation by Emily Mann with P/Kaufmann. I look forward to Emily's presentation the most every year and love the way she pairs fabric combinations with the gorgeous photo examples. We have many color forecast presentations in our office every year, but Emily's is always so well done....the best I would say. She always looks ahead to the coming year and she gathers her final research at Maison&Objet before pulling together her final presentation. This will be the color forecast and where we are headed for 2013.

I thought I would share the overall themes discussed so that you guys could know what is coming in the world of color! I don't have the fabric pairings but the photos do tell most of the story. I am breaking this up into an 8 part series so that each post highlights it's own color theme.

First up is Neutrals #1

The forecast for neutrals is that we are moving beyond just black and white. Looking ahead we will be adding in warmer tones such as copper, rust, cinnamon, and coir (think sisal) with the black and white to warm it up. This will also be a color story where you may see animal prints, furs and colors used. Light and mid-tone Grey (such as dove grey) will also be added for depth.

So, what are your thoughts. Do you like where we are headed? Have you already seen elements of this pallet in fashion or home decor? Do you think we are already there?

Next Up: Greens 

See The Rest Here:
Part 2 Greens
Part 3 Orange
Part 4 Purple
Part 5 Yellow
Part 6 Blue
Part 7 Red

Images: Architectural Digest, Garnier Antiques, Architectural Digest, Elle, Elle Decor, Architectural Digest

Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday At Last!

Boy am I glad Friday is here. The fabulous weather has been calling my name from the office window all week and I am excited to spend some time outside this weekend....even if it's just to let the pup run around for a bit. I have great outdoor spaces on my mind and pinned this one earlier this week.

Okay, so this is gonna be a bit of commercial designer vent..... my apologies in advance
This has been some kind of week. I have been elbow deep reviewing architectural drawings and with the new ADA standards that just went into affect yesterday 3/15, all has been turned upside down. I am shocked that even after being released years ago there are many architects that have no idea what the heck is going on. I am really looking forward to stepping away this weekend.....I only wish I had our back porch looking a good as the space above so I could relax and look at my pretty flowers.

In due time.
Have A Great Weekend Everyone!!!

Image: Kevin O'Shea via Design Sponge

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Making The Bed

With the master bedroom now on my mind I have been looking at bedding and ways to get our bed looking great. However, there are so many options, pillows, and ways to set up a bed that it seems you could look forever.

Just positioning the pillows alone gives you a myriad of options.....

 Pillows, Large Lumbar, Pulled Duvet, and Throw

 Euro Sham, Sham, Pillow, Bolster, and slight fold duvet

 Sham, Sham, Sham.....shamshamshamsham......whoa, Sheet folded over Duvet

 Stacked Pillows, Folded Duvet

 Bolster at Back, Pillow, Pillow, Blanket

 Pillow, Euro Sham, Coverlet

 Stacked Pillows, Accent Pillow, Coverlet, Folded Duvet

 Euro Sham, Pillow, Decorative Pillow, Slight fold Duvet, and Blanket

 Sham, Sham, Bolster, Slight fold Duvet

 Pillow (assumed), Euro Sham, Decorative Pillow, Decorative Pillow, Coverlet, Folded Duvet


See what I mean.....where do you even start? I have some ideas of what we want but there are just so many options.

Which is your favorite? How do you have your bed made?

Images: Lonny Magazine

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Use a Floor Lamp Instead

I love when I see floor lamps being used in spots where traditionally you would see a table lamp. Just a touch unexpected don't you think?

A floor lamp in these spaces is the atypical lighting solution where a side table with lamp could have been used. I love that even though the table lamp would have been a typical thought, the designer still used a floor lamp instead. Anyone done this even though they could have gone the standard route?

Images: William Abranowicz, LonnyMag, Architectural Digest,

Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Mind Dump

#1 This kitchen! Everything about is it perfect. All the fabulous details.....all executed in perfect harmony. Dream space for sure.

#1 A little blog business. I was trying out Comment Luv on the blog a couple of weeks ago with not so great results. Some of you posted comments that never appeared. They are lost and gone. To keep a long story short, I have switched back to the standard blogger commenting.....much easier and comments won't be disappearing into thin air. Maybe someday when I can figure out what was going wrong I'll give comment luv another try. Maybe. Anyone install this on blogger and have it work??

#2 Wise words that I definitely forget often......here

#4 Just like everyone else I am dreaming of spring and spending time outdoors. The temps here in Atlanta have been wonderful and way too much of a tease!

#5 I have noticed more and more that blogger's apologize for showing incomplete spaces, small details that aren't finished, or even just a quick snapshot taken with their phone. I have been guilty of this also and have decided that in the future progress is just that and no explanation is needed except for the word progress. Have we really all become so critical of what we see online to warrant fear of posting photos sans disclaimers? Design is a process after all.

#6 I am at a frustrating point with what to do next in our house. I had wanted to continue making headway on the living room but that has been put on hold till we figure out what is happening with the hardwoods in there. They need to be replaced because of the flood two months ago but we are in limo as insurance and the HOA fight it out. I don't want to get things and then have to move them out and back in again.....lazy I know. So, now I've switched gears and will redirect my thoughts towards the bedrooms upstairs.....where the flood didn't touch. Here is one of my many images for master bedroom inspiration:

#7 Did everyone remember to spring ahead this past weekend? I miss that hour already :)

Hope everyone has a great week!

Images: Traditional Home, Comment Luv (modified), Unknown, Architectural Digest, Unknown, Brian WatfordAlice Lucchin
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