Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Which Type of Interior Inspires You?

It has come to my attention lately that there are two main types of design for residential interiors. Just in the last couple of months it has become even more apparent that most people find their main inspiration in one of the two types.

Fully Styled/Designed Interiors, and Lived In Interiors

Fully Styled/Designed

Lived In

I find that in reading others blogs (and also looking back on my own) that people either post a lot of gorgeous images of fully styled/designed interiors, or the latter more lived in look. I think it's just what each specific person gravitates towards. Of course there are spaces that bridge the gap between the two, but for the most part they will fit into one or the other category.

At this point in my life I find myself in more of a lived in-ish look. Though I definitely gravitate towards a more fully designed look, I am nowhere near to being Styled/Designed as I plan to be someday. To me Styled/Designed spaces take money and doing them well. Using antiques, lux fabrics, and custom pieces.

Right now I am just working with a strict budget as well as a rental home. Not too much can be done to a rental. Everyone knows you have to get creative and take everything with you. Someday when we have a more permanent home I plan to kick things up a notch......and fully style/design.

What about you? Which look do you gravitate towards? Are you living it?

Images: Better Homes & Gardens, Elle Decor, Kristin Panitch Interiors, Unknown, Amber Interiors, Apartment Therapy, Better Homes & Gardens, House & Garden, Rue Magazine
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