Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Mind Dump

I promise this will not be a blog full of just Monday Mind Dump posts. This has been a busy past couple of weeks and one must do what they gotta do. Back on track this week both at home and at work, and boy does that feel good. Ready to keep on keepin on.....

#1 On Saturday I had the first of two wardrobe consultations. I had a great time and learned all about my proportions and how to work them in different ways. I went to visit Ann Mashburn at her store and to say she was wonderful would be an understatement. Working with her one on one was so great. I also spent way too much money.....but wisely I might add. The store is impeccable and I wanted to walk away with one of everything!

#2 Is everyone ready for Valentines Day tomorrow? We don't really go all out but did have an amazing steak dinner last night and a great bottle of Amerone. I also have a surprise for him to be delivered to his office tomorrow (don't worry he doesn't read the blog). I'm okay with just dinner. I am spoiled with the fact my husband is a great cook......and he makes the best steak in town!

#3 We have been doing some major clearing out at home the past couple of weeks. Many trips to Goodwill have occurred and this weekend we piled up even more. It feels so good to clean time to organize what we have left.

#4 Watched 50/50 this's good so I definitely recommend seeing it!

#5 I am totally loving this end table Sherry posted about from the Atlanta Mart. This would be a great DIY....If I did DIY that is.

#6 We finally are seeing a bit of winter here in Atlanta. We had snow flurries on Saturday and they are calling for more this week! I am happy with whatever we can get....and glad I get to finally wear my sweaters this week.

As promised, more design posts are on the way this week. I hope everyone has a great week, and if you have temps like us here in Atlanta stay warm.

Images: Heather Clawson-Habitually Chic, Me, Real Simple, 50/50, Sherry HartTunderliget
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