Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Mind Dump

#1 Time Management is just not my thing lately. Sorry to have dropped off. Travel got the best of me and I just didn't prepare for how busy we were. I did have a great time though and saw some great new places and hotels

#2 I am loving my forced forsythia blooms on our mantle. They have already lasted a little over two weeks and don't look anywhere near ending soon. A little bit of spring early....except that flowers are starting to bloom outside here in Atlanta too. What is up with that!

#3 Feral cats have been fighting and getting busy in the woods behind our complex all week....we haven't gotten good sleep in what feels like months. I have called to see what we can do with some capture/spay-neuter/release...but they say I would have to do it......see #1. Just can't right now. they don't quite look like this.....but cats are cute no matter what

#4 Had my first In-N-Out burger last week in LA. The burger was good, but the fries not so much. Still have to say I'm a Five Guys fan.

#5 We have been looking for coffee tables for the living room. I think this one might be the winner. It spins!...and doesn't give Wallace the wonder pup a place to hide :)

A week of some catch up ahead....I hope all goes smoothly and nothing else is added to the fire. All done one step at a time. I hope everyone has a great week!

See Ya.....

Images: Me, Me, Google, Me, Arhaus Furniture....p.s. using instagram and its fun

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