Thursday, February 16, 2012

Layering the Space

Something is missing and I just now realized what I need to do to fix it. Our living room (and full house for that matter) has seemed shiny and new lately and doesn't have the collected over time look that I am going for.....even though I have been collecting overtime.  I need to bring in some antique and vintage pieces to add something old to the mix.

I need to layer a punchy rug over the sisal we already have. The ideal would be to have to an antique rug but I am not sure I can afford that right now (I will hunt though). Maybe I can search for a great vintage buy that someone doesn't know they have! Dreams, I know.

I need to add some wood...older antique wood finishes. At first I was trying to keep anything brown out of our house. That included stained wood as much as possible. I didn't want to add it in because our last place felt so over run with it. I've decided that I was wrong. It all feels new and cheap without at least a sprinkling of some of that warmth.

I need to add some vintage and antique accessories....all the stuff I have looks too new. I need to get some older looking items in there to break things up and not make it look like I went to Ikea and home goods this past weekend....Ha ha. That is totally what it looks like.

So, I feel like we are off to a good start but I can already see so much more potential for the space. Of course a collected look takes time and patience. You can't just go out and find everything in one weekend (well you can but that's not practical with a budget). It will take time and probably some mistakes to get it right. But that's the fun part right!

How about you guys? Ever changed your mind on a design part way through???

Images: Monica Penaguiao/Nuevo Estilo, Tia Zoldan/High Gloss Magazine, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown
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