Friday, January 6, 2012

Our House: Office

So this has been an interesting week for us at Chez Pierce. The other night I can home from work to find that a pipe had burst upstairs and water was flooding through our living room and into the downstairs office.

Not Our House

Thankfully there was no real damage to the living room furniture as most of what we have is on legs and so the 1" of water didn't reach any upholstery. And commercial dehumidifiers are in place to remove any water that hit the bottom of the wood legs. Whew. I do however have a sisal rug that is being dried as I type this but will need to be cleaned. Anyone have any tips, do's and don'ts for cleaning sisal rugs? I plan to use a professional but want to know what I am in for.

The office however did not have a similar fate. At this point lets just say the crews have been in and stripped the room down to the concrete and studs. My husband and I are also sorting through wet piles of papers, books, and other misc office items. It's a mess. All of the water traveled down the wall as well as through the vents in the living room floor directly above.

I unfortunately had stuff everywhere in the office as I was beginning to organize down there and get the room in shape. I was at the point where I had things divided into piles all over the place. Organization has been fast tracked now, and we are really being ruthless as to what stays and goes (primarily because what stays will have to be dried out and flattened). That also means this project has been put at the top of this list!

I have long thought of ways to get my office looking great and being organized not only for personal business projects but also for the paperwork and things that come with life in general. Below is an inspiration board for how I want the space to look. Bright and inviting....

I plan to get this space set up in the next month or so (depending on the construction schedule for the walls and ceiling). I also will be doing some major research on organizational solutions that will keep things safe and dry. I had lots of storage boxes but once the water hit they were soaked through. I even had water get inside plastic bins with tops! Thankfully we had a water tight and fireproof box for our most important papers, but lesson learned on some things and I will be moving forward with an "anything can happen" mindset. Anyone have any great products they use?

Otherwise, All is well. We are all fine and will survive. I hope everyone has had a great week and some fun plans ahead for the weekend!

See you next week!
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