Thursday, January 26, 2012

Our House: Living Room Progress

The living room is another spot that we did a quick spiff up before our Christmas party in December. We already pretty much had everything shown, it just needed to be placed and put up.

The one thing I have kept in mind for this townhouse is that I wanted to keep it light and bright. So, I have used lots of white and punched with colorful art and accessories. It's a great departure from our last house that just felt dark. Here is what that house looked like....

I love the bright feel of the new place and have plans for even more color through some new pillows etc. I still don't have all the yellow I want throughout the room. We also have a chair to get for my husband that goes on the other side of the sofa (not in the picture). That is next on our list as well as a new coffee table. The Ikea lack tables are a temp set up because we were tired of not having anything to put a drink on...or to eat dinner off of for that matter.

I also love the bookshelves! They really help fill up that wall as well as provide an additional architectural feature to the space. The accessories on them change all the time and will most likely change again (probably as you are reading this). Can anyone set up shelves and keep them that way? I just can't keep my hands off and always rearrange things.

I'll also get some pics of the opposite side with the TV. I'm still adding art to that wall as well as have to get a pot for my new find. That should come soon and then I can get pictures of the rest, and I'm still in the process of learning my camera as well.

Week almost over! Hope everyone is having a great one.

P.S. I spent forever taking these two pictures while learning some things on my pulling in light. It has been such a dismal grey week here in Atlanta so I had to do some crazy things to even get them this light. I learned so much just by setting up on a tripod and taking the same picture 100 (or so) times while changing the settings. Wallace (the pup) was even running around playing with his ball. He didn't understand what I was doing and kept pausing to look at me with his head tilted to the side. After awhile he got tired and just laid there and looked at me....haha. I actually got him in the last shot with that cute face.

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