Thursday, January 19, 2012

Our House: Entry Progress

A couple of months ago I started thinking of ways to help get my husband and I in and out of our house in an organized way. I posted some inspiration and developed a mental plan on what I needed to do. It's a tiny space so I always knew I didn't want or even need that much down there. Keeping things simple and neat would help us get in and out yet still give people a sense of arrival when they came over.

View from the top....tiny entry

We went with a wall mounted shelf since the space is so small. Initially I was thinking a slim streamlined shelf but when I saw this shelf with drawers at Ikea I jumped on it. It's the perfect amount of storage for the dog leash and other small misc items that we want to keep there for easy access.

I  found the print on Etsy through seller Siiso (Yangyang Pan). It's the perfect shot of color for the space and brings in the yellow that is going to be throughout the house. I ended up doing a custom order so I could get a larger print and Yangyang could not have been more helpful. I used a simple white Ikea frame but had a custom double matt cut to fit the piece....and add a touch of turquoise. Keys are kept in the wood bowl so that we always know where they are.

The turquoise rug is from crate and barrel and I think it really helps ground the space with all of the white. I had plans for a striped rug but decided that the solid darker color would mask the dirt brought in a bit longer than a stripe with white in it. I'm glad I went with the's a nice cheerful color to come home to. The basket under the console is used for shoes. They always seem to accumulate down there even with just two people and it's great to have a pair handy when we need to let the pup out.

At the top of the stairs you can see the other bookcase (and my vacuum) that we plan on using for everything else. I hope to set up a system for in and out mail etc to keep too much junk from coming much farther into the house. So far I have baskets in place but we absolutely suck at actually using them...user error so far on the system. Hopefully we can get with the program soon. I'll post more on that when I have that set up and my new mirror hung!

Progress and almost done. It's such a hard space to photograph as well and hopefully when I learn my camera more I can get some better photos where I can manipulate the light.

Hope everyone is having a great week so far! It's been a short one for me but busy non the less. I'm ready for the weekend. You?

Images: Me
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