Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Just Do It!

With the start of the new year many people put down their list of resolutions for the year ahead. A list of ways to better themselves or accomplishments that they will strive for.

Well, this year I am not making such a list. I only have one resolution this year, and that is to actually do it. By "it" I mean everything. Everything I say I will do, I will do.

That linen closet I am always saying I'm going to organize....will be organized. This blog that needs a new look.....will get a new look. My wardrobe and style that needs a revamp.....will be revamped! Too many things have been stated and never started. No longer will I let this continue.

For too long I have talked the talk. It's now time to walk the walk. I am the only one who has been holding myself back, and in 2012, I'm getting out of my way. So even though it's a pretty loaded resolution, just doing it will be the best thing I have ever done.

Stay tuned, lots to come!
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