Thursday, January 12, 2012

House Update

Ages ago (or what seems like it) I posted a Master List of items that needed to be completed for our house. It's for the whole house and is long, but I am a list maker so having something constant that I can work from helps me a lot....even if it gets really long. I also love to cross things off, even though that rarely happens (until now).

After I posted that list I did absolutely nothing and spent months just thinking about what I was going to do. We continued to live in our place looking like we had just moved in.

Then, fast forward to December and we had friends asking us if we were going to have our annual Christmas party. Initially we had decided not to since the space was smaller, the parking was difficult, our place looked like we had just moved in.....yada yada yada. But, when people kept asking we just decided to go ahead and have it. (We had a blast by the way)

What! Ahhhhh!

So, in a matter of two weeks time my husband and I tackled a few items on the list that were easy and that would make the biggest impact.....and make it look like we didn't just move in.


- buy and hang shelf
-find art/mirror
frame and hang
- Find slim coat rack
- basket for shoes

Living Room/Kitchen
- gallery wall (find and hang)
- buy bookshelves for behind sofa
- find coffee table
- buy "the chair" for hubby
- find and buy throw pillows
- drapery - find fabric
- find pair of small chair
- get cabinet shelves for kitchen storage
- hang new mirror over entry shelves
- buy lamp for entry shelves
- get plant and pot for corner
- recover armless chair seat cushion – find fabric

Dining Room
- buy and hang chandelier
- finish painting console!!!!
- find lamps
- hang art
and mirrors
- drapery - find fabric
- switch out chest for armoire in guest bedroom
- find pedestal for between windows
- get plant and pot for pedestal

Powder Bath
- paint???

- find new mirror
- hang small shelf
- find art

Master Bedroom
- drapery -buy fabric
- have drapes made and hung
- buy bed
- find nightstand for me
- find lamp for dresser
- hang art
paint my dresser
- have accent pillow made for bed
- find small bench for foot of bed

Guest Bedroom
- paint bed? find new? (headboard only)
- find and hang art
- drapery - find fabric
- buy reading light
- find nightstand and lamp
- buy shower curtain
- switch out armoire for chest in dining room

- buy bookshelves
- diy pin-up board
- paint desk
- drapery -
buy more fabric
- buy frames and hang art
- buy more shelving for closet
- find lamp for desk
- find lamp for dresser
- Paint and redo dresser???

We pretty much did everything that has been crossed off so far. I have also added some new items in RED where I made changes to the plan, or grayed and crossed out if I felt maybe it wasn't needed anymore or might not be worth the effort (my lists are ever evolving). A lot of these were quick fixes and just gave the place a more lived in look. We are in a rental so I have never had plans to go all out in this place. I am saving all of that energy for our home when we buy some day soon. I do however feel that you should put some effort into your place....even if it is just a rental. You do live there after all!

I plan to have some actual pictures soon of some of what we have done....progress photos if you will. And, as you may know, the office is on the top of the list for spaces to get some work done. We need to get the shelving in there first and then get things organized. Then comes the pretty.

Lots to do, but like I said before....this is the year to do it.

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