Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Art Over The Bed

Art on the bed wall has always been a tricky concept for me. I have never been a fan of hanging art above the headboard but recently I have seen many images that made me rethink my decision.

See, much of my hesitancy stems from hotel rooms. A single piece hung over a wall mounted headboard. Blah art, blah concept, and just a way to get something on the wall. I conjure up images of a too tall headboard with art just stuffed above it. Blech. But even in hotels times have changed and if art is hung over the headboard it is being done well.

This has also got me thinking about possibly hanging something over our headboard in the Master. I still am on the fence and will see about the final composition of the headboard nightstands etc. I think it's important to take the headboard shape into consideration and also the height with the height of the ceiling.

With all the great examples I have seen, I can definitely say my opinion has been changed on this.

What about you? Do you have art hanging over your bed?

Images: Ann Rue Interiors, Lonny Magazine, A Country Farmhouse, Cary Bernstein Architects, Phoebe Howard
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