Friday, July 8, 2011

Weekend Wishes 7.8.2011

Whew, even though this was a short week (and it flew by) it was jam packed with way to much to do. I would come home after work and pass out with exhaustion. Have no idea why......not like I was running marathons or something. I do know that I would like to catch up on some sleep and relax this weekend. Maybe my body is telling me to slow down a bit. I'll listen!

I also finally found the fabric I want for our bedroom drapes! And with the 50% Scoutmob deal at Lewis and Sheron it would be dumb of me not to get it. I'll get the fabric, just not sure when I'll get the drapes made. Either way it's one step closer to a finished room.....though we have a ways to go for the bedroom.

I also have the dining console that I sometimes bring up that I am going to paint. I have started it, but it needs one more coat of paint and then to be lacquered to death. Well, enough is enough. I need to get that project done and end the constant questions from my husband on "when are you gonna finish painting that buffet?". I'm so bad at starting projects and really never finishing them.

Anyone else have some fun decor projects on the schedule for this weekend????

Images: Unknown via Pinterest, Lewis & Sheron
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