Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I'd Stay Here: Soho Beach House

Since I am in the business of hotel design I have recently gotten some comments from friends and family about why I don't have anything on the blog about hotels. Duh! Why have I not done that yet? I am constantly looking at great hotels for ideas of my own, so I thought why not show you guys some as well. These are the hotels that get it right.

First up is Soho Beach House in Miami Beach.......




What!!!! Loving this, and even loving this more in Miami. The fact that it's so NOT Miami makes it even better. I am a huge fan when design pushes the envelope. Especially when they break out of the box on a look that is typical for the area. Why not have rustic wood planks in Miami.

Spa Reception
Spa Changing Area

 Spa Relaxing Room

Even the spa is a different world. Nice and homey. I am positive I could relax there!

 Club Bar

Cecconi's Restaurant
Cecconi's Bar

Outdoor Seating

And all these amazing spaces to relax, eat, and have a cocktail. Great way to end a busy day running around Miami.



Guest Bathroom

Guestroom Balcony

And amazing guestrooms where I would have no problem getting my beauty rest. And then waking up in the morning with coffee on that balcony...taking in the view.

Images: Hospitality Design Magazine
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