Thursday, June 16, 2011

Our House: Living Room

This coming weekend we will finally start making a move on designing the living room. It's been too long and I can't take the lifelessness any longer.

We have no built-in shelving in this house like we did in the other. So for now all our books etc. are either still in boxes or all scattered about. To remedy this I have decided to add bookshelves behind our sofa in the living room, and also get some for the office (another day).

Where better to go than Ikea.

We have our eye on the Hemnes in white. I like these better than Billy because they already have a trimmed out look. Sorry, I'm too lazy to spiff up the Billy like I have seen so many people do. And since we are on a budget the price is great too. Not as great as the some of the others...but like I said these are already trimmed out and a little more built-in looking.

The plan is to not only give us some storage but also give a great architectural feature to the room (I like to call it fauxchitecture). I love the look of bookshelves behind a sofa and this is the perfect space to do it.

Sorry, I know I've posted this image a million times....but its great!

So many great examples. Either right up against or slightly behind bookshelves always make a great backdrop to a sofa. Finally some progress and I can't wait to show you guys the result.....after we put them together......and after I get some stuff on them.

Images: Elle Decor, Windsor Smith, Johanna Ekmark, Elle Decor, Redmond Aldrich Design, Timothy Whealon, House and Home

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