Thursday, June 9, 2011

Our Home: Come On In

I have an entry challenge in our new place. We have been blessed with an extremely small entry foyer that will need to serve many purposes. It is the only entrance into our home so it will need to not only be inviting to guests, but also serve as the main point of access for my husband and I to come and go…..with all our stuff.

The entry of your home is the “first impression” that people get about you and your overall home design. This includes the front door, foyer, or the 1st room someone enters when they arrive. Some people neglect this area (me included at the moment) because they feel it’s a transient space that doesn’t need as much attention as say….a living room. Though I don’t feel this way at all. My entry needs help ASAP!

Because of my small space challenge I won’t be able to do much in our actual entry foyer. We will actually have two areas instead. The entry foyer at the front door/bottom of the stairs, and the small shelving at the top of the stairs. I have some ideas in my head about how I’m going to get us in and out of the house quickly, and without making a mess. The images in this post are inspiration for the lower entry portion. I am thinking a wall hung shelf and keeping everything else somewhat minimal. Past that I don't know.

Anyone else have a small entry that they have successfully designed to be both inviting and functional? I would love to post them! Hopefully I can get this done in the next week or so (it is a small space after all) and then I can post the results.

Images: Better Homes & Gardens, Lindsey Bond, Unknown
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