Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Designing For Two and The Art of Compromise

Design in general is all about personal opinion. Some may love a certain look while others hate everything about it. No time is this more apparent then when designing for a couple. When designing for a couple there is usually always some disagreement on what will be. This could be in the look, the budget, or even the overall necessity. Unless one party "could care less" this is the norm.

I am somewhat even in this boat myself. My husband mostly does care about what goes on in our home...especially if he hates it! I always check with him before going ahead with anything decor related......most of the time. I will usually just divulge the idea and that's all he really needs. But sometimes I really take into account his taste and what he wants from the room.

Same goes for when I'm working with a couple on their home. I like to get information from both people (or all members of the family) in order to make sure everyone will be pleased with the result. Sometimes it's just as simple as asking someone how they will use the space. If the husband says he wants to be able to watch the game in the room.....then I make sure he can and will be comfortable doing so. If they like to do a lot of entertaining then the room should be ready for that as well.

Things get tricky when people have entirely different views on what the space should be used for and what type of look should be achieved. That's really where an interior designer comes in handy. A designer can take everyone's wish list and work around it. That doesn't mean all wishes will be granted, but for the most part a designer is able to mesh all of these things together into a cohesive look and functionality.

I also like to do a mix on styles when both parties are set on what they like. In the case of my home I make sure there are pieces of furniture, art, etc. that I know my husband likes and that I don't mind as well. It may not have been my first choice but I can certainly live with it. It's his house too after all, and he should be comfortable in it. On the opposite end, there are pieces he might not love either but he's not throwing a fit about them. Designing for two people with different styles is all about the give and take. He gets his big chair, but in a fabric you both love.....she gets her favorite piece of art, but in a more simple frame. Compromise goes a long way in making a space comfortable for both people.

How about you, have you mastered the art of compromise in your own home? Still fighting the fight?

Image: Di Overton via Design Sponge
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