Monday, May 2, 2011

Getting Things Back on Track

With any new venture there is a time of introspection. Looking at how you will take this "new start" and what you will do to make it great.

I can't tell you my schedule now has been the most efficient. In fact, it's been downright off. Spending too many hours watching TV, sleeping, and reading.....leaving behind all the regular things like work, cleaning, and all around everyday life. All of this due to what I'll call being in a rut.

Now that I have some new things going on I am working to get things back on track. A new job that will require time and energy in the fullest. Also, making sure everything else stays organized around me so that it all goes smoothly. I'm going to try and keep things regular on here, but I can't say that things won't get delayed etc. I have always been one to be good at multi-tasking but large scale multi-tasking is always a bit of a challenge. So, I'm taking this challenge head on and hopefully I come out with a more streamlined schedule and organized life.

Off to my first day! Have a great one.....

Image: Unknown
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