Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Wishes 4.10.11

I know this is a couple days late and the weekend is over but it's been so long and I just had to post (I was starting to break out in hives because I  missed it so much....hehe). So actually this is more of a weekend recap.

This weekend was great! Impromptu weekend guests, girls night out, baseball/concert, and freshly did hair.
On Friday evening we did a whirlwind spruce up for our guest bedroom. I mean whirlwind because the bed was sitting there in pieces, stuff everywhere, no light, no shower get the picture. It was no fabulous room after we finished but they did have all the necessities. Actually the way it is now is the perfect "before" picture for when I start getting it all pulled together. More on that later.

Saturday was spent chatting design and getting my hair done. Yes, my colorist/stylist is a great friend who is also an interior designer. So, we chat for hours about design, our jobs, and life...all while my color sets. And then I went out that night and spent some quality time with the ladies. Let's just say, I'm so glad to be's tough out there! The guys were just cracking me up with some of the stuff they say. Rediculous!

Sunday was spent recovering in the morning with an amazing brunch at Top Flr. Such a cool little place that you must try if you are in or ever are in Atlanta. Then, we headed down to Turner Field to watch the Braves lose to the Phillies. Booo. It made it all worth while though with the Avett Brothers concert after the game. After that we came home and passed out exhausted from the long day in the sun.
It's been a great one after such a hectic last couple of weeks. Hope everyone had a great weekend as well! Back to design posts tomorrow...promise.

Images: Unknown via This Is Glamorous, Unknown, Michelle Armas
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