Wednesday, April 27, 2011

They Would Live Here - Sara

So, I haven't been so good at keeping up with the series I started.....I will get better. This is the 2nd entry for my series "They Would Live Here". You can read more about it here.

This is Sara (of course not her real name).

Cute, stylish, and looks nice and approachable. She reminds me of my good friend Mary Frances, so this is kinda a half fake/half real room design person...but not really. Based on her outfit it looks like she is a fan of basics with bright pops of color in her accessories. So, this is Sara's bedroom.......

Sara is a true southern girl who loves the mix of old a new. She uses antiques passed down and also jazzes it up with new and girly pieces. She is likes to keep things sophisticated but also doesn't want to make her space feel older. She loves traditional pieces but also loves to turn tradition upside down a bit too. She is a young professional who wants a feminine space that isn't too young in feel. And, she keeps her schedule packed so she loves a low maintenance and relaxed look and feel to her home.

Bed: William Sanoma Home
Rug: Passed Down Antique (Actually Overstock)
Armoire: Passed Down Antique (Actually Greenwich Living via 1st Dibs)
Nightstand: Anthropologie
Blanket Chest: Passed Down Antique (Actually Jonathan Burden via 1st Dibs)
Vanity Console: Hickory White
Vanity Chair: Anthropologie
Mirror: Currey & Company
Vanity Lamp: ABC Home
Nightstand Lamp: Mottega
Drapery: Anthropologie
Art: Passed Down Antique (Actually David Duncan Antiques via 1st Dibs),
Pillows:Crate & Barrel, ABC Home

So, What do you think? Can you see Sara living there????

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