Thursday, April 21, 2011

Our House: The Plans

Right after we signed over the lease and were a week away from moving in, I drew up a floor plan of our house. Part of me couldn't wait to get started figuring things out, and the other part wanted to let the movers know where some of the things we kept were going. This was really important considering we have three floors....I wanted to make sure we didn't have to do any heavy lifting after they left.

Above is the three floors of our town home. I have all of the rooms laid out with things that we already have, and also things that I am looking for. For me it's a great way to figure out what else we need and what will fit. This is key when I am out looking for pieces, so that I can keep the scale in mind. I highly advise if you are working on a space to do some type of helps soooo much!

After I completed the layout I was then able to come up with my master list and collect my thoughts. Now all I have to do is start collecting pieces and figure out fabrics etc. Let the fun begin!!!!

Anyone else start their design plan with a floorplan layout?
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