Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Master List - Our House

In order to keep myself on track and also get a little birdie in my husbands ear, I have made a master list of what we need to get the "design" of our home complete. Although, complete is a strong word.....I don't think I will ever be complete with my surroundings, and will continue to move things around and add/subtract as time goes on.

A couple of weeks ago, Ally at FTRB made her list and I thought it was a great idea! This gets my ideas down on "paper", and also validates that I have things to get done. Thanks for the motivation bump Ally!


- buy and hang shelf
-find art/mirror

Living Room/Kitchen
- gallery wall (find and hang)
- buy bookshelves for behind sofa
- find coffee table
- buy "the chair" for hubby
- find and buy throw pillows
- drapery - find fabric
- find pair of small chairs
- get cabinet shelves for kitchen storage

Dining Room
- buy and hang chandelier
- finish painting console!!!!
- find lamps
- hang art and mirrors
- drapery - find fabric

Powder Bath
- paint???
- find new mirror
- hang small shelf
- find art

Master Bedroom
- drapery -buy fabric
- buy bed
- find nightstand for me
- find lamp for dresser
- hang art
- paint my dresser

Guest Bedroom
- paint bed? find new?
- find and hang art
- drapery - find fabric
- buy reading light
- find nightstand and lamp
- buy shower curtain

- buy bookshelves
- diy pin-up board
- paint desk
- drapery - buy more fabric
- buy frames and hang art
- buy more shelving for closet

So, that's it. Nothing amazing, but like I said, it gets the list down and holds me the eyes of design bloggers/readers!!! Real motivation would be to have you guys over for dinner in a month or two....that would get any designer working like crazy!

There is lot's to do and of course I would love for it all to be done now.....realistically it will take awhile. I will be documenting the process here and hashing out some ideas with you all as well! And as always I am on a budget so I hope to come up with some creative ideas and thrifting my way through some of this list.

Hope everyone is having a great week so far. Busy one as usual, but manageable for me. Have a great Thursday!

Image: Ashley McAleer - Domino
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