Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Interior Renderings and Sketches

I have really been thinking lately about how I can't sketch design ideas out like I used to. I mean, I still can but they don't look good. I think I've lost it! Before I was using CAD all the time I would just sketch out my ideas in a notebook or on anything else I could find. Now, I just hop straight onto the computer and work my ideas out there.

Albert Hadley

It's sad in that recently I have seen more and more people doing the same. These days students come out of school with portfolios full of everything done on the computer. Now a days the plan is done in the computer and then the program pulls up the perspective....and then another program colors it! What happened to good ol' 1 point and 2 point perspectives with hand rendering!! It's almost like the art of sketching and drawing is dying. I say almost because there are still a few out there who still do it.....and do it well!

Jacquelyn Blackwell

In order to get better at sketching again I have decided to start practicing sketching and working out ideas on paper. And I'm not just talking about sketching flowers and stuff I pass by, I'm talking about sketching interiors. Elevations, quick perspectives, and scale! Nothing is better to get a point across in a design meeting than to be able to sketch it up real quick right in front of the client.

Michelle Morelan

It will take me awhile to get back into the hang of it.....or maybe it's just like riding a bike??? Either way, I hope to have some great sketches to show you guys soon. Hmmmn I wonder if I have any old sketches and perspectives from school? If I do, I'll post some of those but something tells me they are long gone by now. It would be wonderful to hone my skills to get back into full on renderings.....but at this point that's just wishful thinking. It would be awesome if I could sketch and render like all of these images shown!

Satiz Phosrithong

 Anyone else care to join me in practicing interior sketches? Or better yet, anyone have any sketches they have already done...I would love to post them!

Images: Renderings produced as noted above
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