Friday, March 25, 2011

Weekend Wishes 3.25.11

So, another week has come and a blur. Does anyone other than me hope that things will slow up a bit soon? I can't seem to keep up with life and it's starting to wear me out!

This weekend should be great! I didn't get any of my console painted last week so that is still on my list. Hopefully I can get my act together.....I'm so close to getting it done! It would be nice to check a project off my list. I definitely think it will help to get me motivated to start more new ones! Also, I'm thinking of having someone apply the lacquer professionally instead of doing it myself. Anyone have any experience with this? I would love a super high-gloss sheen. Anyone in the Atlanta area know of where I could take it? I have started to look but figure I would ask you guys.

I also plan to get out of the house (so this might trump the console painting) and do some browsing for pieces we need for the new place. I plan to head out and spend some real quality time in the West End Design District. I feel like I haven't been down there in so long and really take the time to browse all the shops. I'll make sure I do a write up next week about my day, what I found, and some of the great stores down there.

So that's it isn't enough! Hope you guys have a great weekend and I'll be back on Monday.

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