Saturday, March 19, 2011

Weekend Wishes 3.18.11

What a week. It's been busy but not uncontrollable like the past couple weeks.....its been somewhat of a nice break. And with the weather looking good for this weekend....things are looking up!

My plans for the weekend are much like the last one....

We still need to get some things done around the house. I have a buffet that I started painting awhile back and I need to get that project back up and running, and finished! It would be great to get it done....but I'm not going to kill myself in the attempt. Hopefully I can have the reveal posted soon.

And, basketball reigns this weekend. The NCAA tournament has begun and the TV will be occupied solely for this purpose all weekend (or actually for the rest of the month) whether to watch games or to watch people discussing games..........GO UNC!

When I'm sick of hearing the sound of buzzers and whistles, I'll head outside! It's supposed to be an amazing weekend and soaking up some sun will most definitely do me some good. Hope everyone else has a great weekend and gets to some much needed rest and relaxation....Monday will be back before you know it!

Images: Domino, Unknown, Simon Watson
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