Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jewel Box

Every time someone asks me to come take a look at their home for advice I often notice that they have left the poor little powder bath neglected. Maybe they have painted the walls the same as the hallway and maybe they still have the mirror put in by the builder.

Blah....this space could use a little life!

I always tell them that the powder bath is the space where you can go crazy because a) it's a small space, and b) the space is only used for a few minutes and can therefore stand out. What better way to make your guests take notice then to make your powder bath the jewel box of your main floor!

If you have a neutral home, why not paint the powder room a fun bright accent color? Put up the more expensive large scale pattern won't need very much. Do something funky! Use the nice tile on the floor since you don't have much square footage....or even add that tile to the walls. The options are unlimited.

I have been thinking a lot about the powder bath on our main floor and ways that I can jazz ours up. We are in a rental so unfortunately I can't go too crazy, but I can use paint and change the mirror. I can add some amazing art and accessories to make it feel like i didn't forget about the space. I have some ideas already and can't wait to show you when I have it done.

Images: Unknown, Coastal Living, Massucco Warner Miller, House Beautiful, Unknown, Elle Decor, Marsh and Clark Design, Featherstone Young, Southern Living
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