Friday, February 25, 2011

Weekend Wishes 2.25.11

We have a jam packed fabulous weekend ahead of us!

Moving day is finally here! Yeah, you don't have to read about it anymore!!!!! (I know you're excited). We move today and then have a couple things to wrap up on know, cable hook up etc. Then it will all be over and we'll be in our new place.

This also happens to be Birthday weekend for us. Yep, my husbands b-day is Saturday. Mine is Sunday. My 30th. We have plans on Saturday night for dinner with friends but I don't know everything about it....semi-surprise! I'm excited. All I know is it's a small group (what I wanted) at some restaurant somewhere. I'll let you guys know all about it next week.

So that's it....or a lot actually. I don't know why we always pack all our excitement into one would think we would want to spread the love around. Oh, well. It should be a great one! I can probably guess that we will be passed out tired by the time Sunday night rolls around.

Hope everyone has a great weekend too!!!!

Images: Unknown, Unknown, Char Beck for Coco&Kelley
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