Friday, February 18, 2011

Weekend Wishes 2.18.11

All I really want for this coming weekend is to be able to breath through my nose freely again. This cold has prevented that this whole week and there is nothing pretty about a mouth breather in my book. I'm at the end of this thing and hopefully this weekend will be the final sniffles and sneezes.

tea was my saving grace this past week

The weather is supposed to be amazing here in Atlanta all weekend long so I hope to get a bit of time in the sun. We have some outdoor tables and chairs to clean so we can sell least I know we will be outside for that. Maybe having a nice lunch outside will be in the cards???

oh, I hope I get out and bask in the sun

The final packing push will happen and we also have to do some shopping for a couple of things. We are in need of a new mattress so we need to hit up the mattress store for that. And we have found a dresser we like for the master bedroom that we need to get. All things bought in hopes of delivery or moving while we have the service of the movers. I am not very helpful when it comes to lifting furniture, and we are moving into a three story town house.

we'll have to pack up the cat too

My mom is also coming in town to help us with the final packing so we will have some quality time with her as well. We have plans for a family game night at my sister's new place on Sunday night with all the aunts and cousins. I'll get some pictures of her place, though it's not completely done yet.

looking forward to family game night snacks.....and wine

Another busy weekend ahead but it will feel good to get all this stuff complete, then a nice rest at the end and some time with family. I hope you all have a great weekend as well!

Images: Mary Ruffle
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